Mr Parikh’s particular interests are:

Ear problems (Otology)

Middle ear conditions that cause a hearing loss. These include perforation of the ear drum, infection related to the ear and neighbouring mastoid bone, skin accumulation in the middle ear (Cholesteatoma), stiffness of the ‘stirrup’ bone (stapes) in the middle ear (Otosclerosis), and other conditions of the small bones within the ear.
ear problems
Inner ear conditions causing a hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus. Diagnosis in patient’s presenting with these complaints requires a detailed history and examination. This needs to be supplemented in many cases with investigations such as hearing tests, and scans. This group of conditions includes sudden hearing loss, age related hearing loss (Presbyacusis), benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), and Meniere’s disease amongst many others.
hearing loss

Nose problems (Rhinology)

Internal nasal conditions causing nasal obstruction. These include allergies (Allergic rhinitis), deviated partition of the nose (DNS), inflammation of the nose and sinus passages (Rhinosinusitis), and growths within the nose (Nasal polyps).
External nasal conditions leading to a change in the shape of the nose. This could be related to an injury that leads to change in the external appearance of the nose accompanied by nasal obstruction caused by a deviation in the internal partition of the nose. This problem would require nasal re-shaping (Septorhinoplasty)

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