Anatomy of the nose

The nose as mentioned in the section nasal blockage is like a tent. It is propped up by the central partition we call the septum. Its sloping roof is made up of nasal bones at the top near the forehead, and lower down by cartilages.

What causes an external nasal deviation?

An injury to the nose can lead to buckling of the septum and its deviation over to one side. It can drag the roof with it causing an external nasal deviation. If the external injury is severe the nasal bones can be fractured leading to a deviation of the nose.

What can be done to repair the deviation after an injury?

Fracture of the nasal bones can cause marked swelling and bruising of the nose and around the eyes. It can take a week for most of the swelling to subside. It is this point that an assessment is made of the nasal shape. If the bones are broken and twisted, they can be reset within the first 2-3 weeks. After this period the bones can be set in its new position making manipulation difficult.

What is a Rhinoplasty?

If the external deviation persists and is cosmetically unacceptable formal surgery is required. This procedure is called a Rhinoplasty. If the septum is also deviated, and needs to be fixed, the procedures are combined and the term used is Septorhinoplasty. Both procedures are done under a general anaesthetic, and can take up to 3 hours. Sometimes the architecture of the nose has to be explored by an external approach necessitating an incision at its bottom. The scar is small, and usually invisible.


nasal anatomy
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