PhD in Otorhinolaryngology (University of London)

Mr Parikh received his PhD from the University of London in 2007. The qualification was awarded for his research in patients with Nasal polyps.

His thesis was entitled ‘Effectiveness of intranasal lysine-aspirin in patients with aspirin-sensitive and aspirin tolerant nasal polyposis: controlled trials’.

The research involved 2 groups of patients with nasal polyps. The first group were aspirin-sensitive i.e. they had an ‘allergy’ type reaction to aspirin and aspirin like drugs. The second group could tolerate these drugs. As mentioned in the title of the thesis, the research was in the form of patient trials, which started in 1997 and finished around 2000. The trials adhered to the strict international criteria for research. Clinical benefits of intranasal lysine-aspirin were not clearly demonstrated, but interestingly changes at a more molecular level were seen. These results were accepted and published in a reputable and high impact factor journal – The New England Journal of Medicine.

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