Despite a subspecialty interest in Otology & Rhinology, Mr Parikh maintains an interest in general ENT work, both in his NHS and private practice.

Childhood conditions

  • Tonsillitis, sleep disordered breathing (OSA), Allergic rhinitis, hearing loss due to ‘glue’ ear, and recurrent ear infections.

Throat problems

  • Conditions that cause voice changes (Dysphonia), which include vocal fold nodules, polyps or paralysis. Patients with suspected cancer of the larynx are examined, but management of the condition is referred to a colleague with a subspecialist interest in head and neck tumours.
  • Conditions that cause difficulty in swallowing (Dysphagia). These are investigated using endoscopy and management is tailored to the diagnosis.

Neck conditions

  • Benign neck swelling such as glandular enlargement, and cyst

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